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Ariana Clotted Cream 

This product is a thickened cream originally served as spread along with honey or jam for a traditional Persian breakfast. However, it can be used for various sorts of foods, such as oatmeal or homemade cakes.
The taste and texture are similar to Turkish Kaymak, although not too heavy to digest.

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Saffron Ice Cream

Ariana Saffron Ice Cream is a well-known delicious product of Pinnacle Dairy for summer hot days. In Pinnacle Dairy we did our best to adhere to the original ingredients which is a blend of crunchy pistachios, heady rose water and fragrant saffron.
It can be served separately or in combination with other desserts.


Ariana Greek Yogurt

This product has been made of very fresh ingredients according to traditional recipes. Ariana Greek Yogurt and protein go hand in hand, which makes it an attractive product to ensure your daily dose of protein for everybody including athletes. It can be used for your oatmeal in the morning or side for your fruit yogurt dessert in the afternoon. Moreover, there are different types of Persian foods like Djoje and Tahchin which you can make with the best yogurt ever!


Ariana Yogurt Nature

Ariana Dairy’s Iranian yogourt is made from BC cow’s milk and contains only natural ingredients. Perfect for use in a wide range of recipes, it can also be enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment to any dish. The unique taste coupled with its lusciously light creamy texture sets it apart from other varieties.


Pressed Yogurt

Ariana's Pressed Yogurt is creamier and enjoys a thicker consistency which makes it a better substitution in dips and dressings. This product is also better for cooking because it doesn't fall apart when easily.


Ariana Creamy Feta Cheese

The Ariana Feta cheese is a remembrance of traditional grandma cheese used to be served on Friday mornings when the entire family were gathered. It can be used for an afternoon snack with walnut or black seed. Or it could be a great refreshment with some herbs or watermelon at the end of the day.


Persian Shallot Yogurt Dip

Mast Moosir is a traditional Persian product that can be served with snacks such as chips and crackers next to your drinks. It is also a delicious side dish next to most of Persian dishes such  as stews and kebab.

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