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L’sqie started to make dairy products featuring authentic Asian flavours in 2017. Since 2021 Pinnacle dairy and L’sqie  have started a co packing cooperation which has been very succesful so far.


Purple Rice Yogurt

Healthy and enjoyable, Purple Rice Yogurt and Oats Yogurt. This is a low-fat yogurts that provides a great source of protein. Purple Rice Yogurt contains high levels of healthy anti-oxidants. With the pocket-sized packaging, you can enjoy the deliciousness on the go.

Oats Yogurt

Healthy and enjoyable, Oats Yogurt is low-fat yogurts that provides a great source of protein. Oats Yogurt has a good source of fiber. With the pocket-sized packaging, you can enjoy the deliciousness on the go.

White Peach Yogurt

Deliciously sweet by using hand-picked juicy peaches from Taiwan, L’sqie Peach Yogurt is great for drinking at any time of the day. It has a creamy texture and is rich in probiotics to boost the nutritional value.

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Sparkeling Yogurt-min.jpg

Traditional yogurt Beverage (Fizzy Dough)

Parsin Dough is a chilled, fizzy and savoury yogurt based drink that is  very popular.  It is accompaniment with Persian meals, and is made with yogurt. It is served with lots of ice and choice of herbs. This specific product is carbonated and referred to as Persian coke or yogurt soda. This beverage is a bit similar to salty Indian lassi drink.


Traditional Yogurt  Beverage (Dough)

Light, cold and refreshing Parsin Dough balances other warm dishes that are heavier or spicy. Often flavored with mint, it can also be made with other delightful flavors.



Parsin Kashk is a type of procced dairy that can be served with a great range of foods. It is made from fresh milk and it is super healthy and beneficial in different ways.

Co-Packing: Our Products
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