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Food Services

Pinnacle dairy is a Food Services provider to many restaurants and food production stores in BC.
Our Food Service production varies and covers a wide range of items.
Our package includes different types of yogurt such as Restaurant Greek, 6% Natural and Pressed. These products are thicker than our regular yogurts and contain higher fat percentages; therefore, they are ideal for marinating or preparing foods such as Taziki, Tahchin, Babaganugh, etc. All of our yogurts are available in 4 and 15 liter packages.

Creamy Feta Cheese is another item in our package for Food Services. This specific product can be used in different foods, such as salads and desserts or simply for breakfast.
The latest item added to our Food Service line is the Saffron Ice cream. This product used to be available only in small packages, but now it can be purchased in 4 liter package as well.

Food Services: Products

Saffron Ice Cream

Image by Aleksey Melkomukov

High Fat Yogurt


High Fat Feta Cheese

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