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KIMINUS Agrifood


In 2014 Kiminus Agrifood Inc. was created as a Canadian family business with a philosophy of bringing flavors from all around the world to North America. Kiminus started with a manufacturing line of high quality ready to eat foods that were free of preservatives, such as the popular Iranian whey sauce (kashk). Today, Kiminus has added various different types of fruit pastes and dips, all made of 100% Canadian ingredients. In addition to this manufacturing line, Kiminus is now a distributor of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods; supplying products to grocery stores in B.C, Alberta, Ontario, and California.



Pinnacle Dairy holds the exclusive rights of Ariana Dairy and provides a part of its products under this brand. The brand covers a wide range of dairy products mostly from Persian culture such as yogurt, chesses, clotted cream, ice cream and etc. A full list of Ariana Dairy products can be found in our Products page. We are planning to include more items to this brand with concentration on Persian taste. If you think an item is missing from our line and you have a suggestion in this regard, we appreciate if you could share it with us. 

Wow Food

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Wow Food is established in by Flavio Assis in Vancouver, BC. The company provides a specific type of crafted coalho cheese base on a family recipe from Brazil.
Pinnacle Dairy and Wow food, together, produce  

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